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Team Braintality is an inspiring group of consultants, trainers and coaches. Specialized in, among other things, behavioral change, leadership, team development, influencing behavior and personal growth.

We also work with a group of external specialists. To make sure we have the best experts and the appropriate knowledge available.

The CEO of Braintality speaks

Our success programs are a balanced combination of consultancy, training and coaching. Tailor-made for your organization. We give you full support and the tools to get everyone in the organization on board. We give you full support and the tools to get everyone in the organization on board.


We are all about behavioral change and, if you ask me, this isn't any different in your organization. After all, your strategy calls for it. You want to get better every day, work more effectively, and communicate smarter. 

It is our mission to convert all those beautiful intentions into efective behaviour. And we can like no other.

How we do it?

Based on scientific proof, extensive knowledge, and years of experience. With genuine curiosity for people and culture.

Inspired by our knowledge partners, supported by our team and encouraged by our customers.

Behavioral change is key

Braintality was born out of the knowledge that you can influence behaviour.

Sustainability has an important role

A recurring topic in the strategy of organizations is sustainability. The will to do business in a planet-friendly way is 100% there, but how do you implement this and how do you get everyone on board?

Because sustainability is a top priority for most organisations, and Braintality also has it on the agenda, we incorporate it in all our programs.

Meet the team

Master mind when it comes to influencing techniques.

Manuela van de Wiel

A professional Trainer in Teamtation and Empeoplement.

Braintality - Dana Venema_edited_edited_

 Flow Manager, Trainer, Project Supervisor and Public Speaker.

Braintality - Floris Ladan_edited_edited.png

Coach for the realization of change processes and Global IT Strategist.

Gerda van der Landen

Expert in Ownership and Empeoplement.


Braintality - Sabine Pronk _edited_edite

Organizational Supervisor and Trainer in Corporate Culture.

Braintality - Bo

Top Athlete, Motivational Speaker and Inspirator.

Merel van Dongen

A top athlete with a background in psychology.

Braintality - Wouter Holleboom - Trainer

Trainer and Coach. Expert in the field of Supervision and Intervision.

Braintality - Melinda Kooger _edited_edited_edited_edited.png

Administrative wonder with a background in Hospitality.

Ronald van Aggelen
Ronald goed_edited.png

The founding of Braintality was partly inspired by Ronald, who has already taken many organizations and individuals to great heights with his techniques.

van Aggelen

Ronald is knowledge partner of David Marquet  and Amy Edmondson and a true master mind when it comes to LEARNOVATION


You can wake him up for a good conversation about Organize to Learn. Trust us, he shifts to "ON" mode in no-time.

Also when it comes to the Dutch satay sauce by the way (which is some yucky sticy peanut sauce), but that's a whole different subject.

Ronald is without a doubt our mindhacker and disruptor, as he has written several books on influencing techniques. He is an inspirer who likes to make a connection, and also likes to connect people. He is the guy to talk to when it comes to behavioral change and leadership skills.

Merel van Dongen

Merel stands for resilience. An international top athlete with a background in psychology. She knows exactly what teams need to become stronger and better working together. A role model for EMPEOPLEMENT and TEAMTATION.

van Dongen

With Merel there is never a dull moment, because she loves a good joke and uses her sense of humor and self-mockery to inspire.

Don't let her soccer image fool you, because there is even more Merel behind this talent than you think

Manuela van de Wiel

With Manuela, we have a big ball of energy in our midst.

As a former national coach of the Dutch synchronized swimming team, she has seen a lot of the world.

She knows like no other what it is like to set goals and turn them into results. However, she also knows what it is like to lose.

van de Wiel

Manuela is an experienced Entrepreneur, Trainer and learning expert who takes people along, enthuses and gets them involved.


A professional in her field who knows how to translate TEAMTATION and EMPEOPLEMENT. A joy to work with and to get teams in to motion.

Gerda van der Landen
van der Landen

When you say strategy and connection you say Gerda. Her openness to personal development and the experience as a former CFO and Treasurer make her the example of working with a head, heart and gut feeling. Gerda is analytical, personal and committed, because when it comes to achieving goals in an organization it is always also about people.


Ownership and EMPEOPLEMENT are therefore topics that Gerda likes to discuss, because she knows better than anyone how important this is within organizations, on an organizational, team and individual level.

Sabine Pronk

This purebred 'Diva of the Alps' leaves her mountains behind as soon as the topic of sustainability comes up.

She is always willing to answer the question: What is the long-term impact? But she also likes to talk about how we can make sustainabitity in business both sexy and beautiful.


As an organizational supervisor and trainer, she is passionate about the content and committed to people. She knows better than anyone what it takes to initiate and implement change in a corporate culture. From SMEs to complex matrix organizations, Sabine is the one who gets it done.

Wouter Holleboom

Wouter is always cheerful. As an experienced coach and specialist in the field of supervision and intervision, he combines depth with humor and enthusiasm.

Braintality - Wouter Holleboom - Trainer

Patience and diligence define his character and he always has a listening ear. Not without a reason Wouter is a fantastic
trainer and coach.

With the delicacy in his approach, Wouter immediately manages to create an atmosphere of safety. Participants feel at home and dare to open up.

Dana Venema

Dana is Miss Organise. A business support agent with a bubbly personality. Dana ensures that agreements are kept and that everyone can do what they do best.


In this world full of stimuli (and sometimes 'too much information') she knows how to keep focus, is always flexible and employable for many things. As FLOW manager, as a project supervisor, but also as a moderator or lecturer. As a trainer in on-boarding and hospitality projects, but of course also as a consultant for support professionals. In a nutshell, a multi-talent we won't let go.

Bo Kramer

Bo is our youngest member and at the same time our best motivator and inspirator. For those who don't know Bo, she wanted to become a professional soccer player at Ajax as a child.

Braintality - Bo Kramer_edited.png

A well-known disease threw a spanner in the works, but Bo didn't let it get her down. Bo is now a two-time paralympic wheelchair basketball champion and she wants much more!   

Bo shows that every disadvantage has an advantage and that you just have to get the most out of it! She triggers you and your organization to set goals and go for them.


Because according to Bo, every goal starts with a dream, just like she had when she was 11. Bo's motto: "You don't need a hero, just go out and create one yourself!" #brainspiration

Melinda Kooger

Melinda is our young potential. Serious, supportive and observant. She is an entrepreneurial daughter at heart with a background in hospitality and pedagogy.

Nowadays she like to be seen as an administrative miracle who loves numbers (on both sides of the decimal point).


If you ask us, Melinda is also the best hostess of the Netherlands (and also of Spain, as she has recently moved there). If we want to  convince Melinda to fly to the Netherlands for a team meeting, we lure her with an extensive cheese platter. If you have cheese… you have Melinda.

Floris Ladan

Floris is our global IT therapist and the technical conscience of Braintality. He went from Ethical Hacker to Cybersecurity Defender and grew to IT strategist.


Floris understands people and culture and knows that many technical IT problems have their origins not only in the process,  but above all on a human level.

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