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Act differently 
Think differently
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Learn to see things from another perspective

Braintality helps organizations to view leadership development and behavioral change from different perspectives. From another angle you see new things. This gives you room to think and act differently.

Invest in organization, team and individual

To realize your strategic agenda, it is very important that you do not only look at your strategy from an organizational point of view, but also from a team and individual perspective. Based on this idea, we introduced three scientifically substantiated methods:


Accelerate innovation with a self-learning organization

According to Harvard professor Amy Edmondson, self-learning organizations are more agile and resilient. If you work according to the Organise to Learn principle, you innovate faster than organizations that are organized according to the Organise to Execute principle.

If you want to know more about this (and believe us, you do), download the Whitepaper Organize to Learn.


Get the tools to set up a learning organization

Braintality gives you the support and toolbox to set up a learning organization. Lifelong learning becomes concrete and tangible.

The first step

We take the first step towards a learning organization together with stakeholders (leadership, management and employee participation). We systematically lay the foundation for the coming years.

Next steps

This creates space to roll out an effective program that will be embraced throughut the organization and will enable accelerated leadership development and innovation.


Make collaboration attractive within teams

Braintality believes in the power of a dynamic composition and working method of teams. Within TEAMTATION, teams look for the most attractive way of working together.


The dynamics, the mechanisms of the group and the missing expertise are tackled. Curiosity and the will to grow are the driving forces behind inspiring collaboration.

Activate curiosity about talent and expertise of others

Teamtation ensures that you know how to link the knowledge and skills of others to joint challenges.

Learn to be alert to changing circumstances every time, so that collaboration becomes essentially dynamic. You can experience and celebrate so much more success by learning together, embracing mistakes and using "own" peculiarities. Teamtation brings your team to an effective and relaxed collaboration within a safe environment.


Stimulate the power and freedom of choice of each individual

A person achieves greatness when there is room to make choices. When you experience the freedom to discover. If you can do what you really like and what you are good at.

By giving each individual the space to look for the freedom that is necessary for success; self-confidence and ownership are strengthened.

Leadership supports this by creating an environment that is safe and where mistakes can be made.


If you want to get everything out of it, you want to take you team(s)on THE EXPEDITION: Braintality's most effective EMPEOPLEMENT program.

A 72-hour training in which 10 to 15 participants from your organization go on a journey to discover how they each individually can contribute to the realization of the strategic agenda.

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