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From empowerment to EMPEOPLEMENT

The end of narcistic leadership

Leaders are not there to make themselves better, but to empower others. At Braintality we call this EMPEOPLEMENT. Inspired by the thinking of David Marquet (U.S. Navy Commander and Management Guru).

Van Empowerment naar Empeoplement
From Empowerment to Empeoplement


Marquet's credo is: leaders create leaders. Empowerment, the leadership tool in its old form, has no positive impact on people's development. It shifts the accountability model from the leader to the employee. Whereas the responsibility of leaders should be to develop others. Those nice inspiring and engaged people around the leaders. And therefore also the slow, jaded and wait-and-see types circling around them.


Empeoplement takes this as its starting point and focuses on the power of the individual. Leaders in this thinking focus on the people around them. They need to get rid of narcissistic concepts about leadership, in which they themselves play the leading role. Not an instrumental approach to gain control, but developmental thinking to empower others and move organizations forward. Empeoplement requires a leader who can connect. Someone who monitors people's identity and well-being. Who is genuinely curious about the people around him and looks for the power of each individual.

The focus on others

Leadership programs today still have too much focus on the leaders themselves. While the fundamental starting point should be: giving others the freedom to develop. Removing barriers and freeing up people's energy. This focus on others means that a leader can only develop leadership when the person within the leader is balanced and feels the freedom to give away leadership and ownership to others.

Development of leaders

David Marquet calls the mission of leaders: to develop leaders. According to him, that is the sole mission of every leader. Education, training and coaching focused on the leaders themselves keeps true leadership asleep. Are you a leader and is it time for a new way of thinking and doing? Do you want to start contributing to the lives of others? Then this is the moment to switch. From Empowerment to Empeoplement!

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