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All the forgs in the wheel barrel in 4 steps

How to get everyone on board

Have you ever tried to keep a couple of frogs together in one place? That's exactly what it can feel like when you work in an ambitious organization where the bar is set high. The strategy is clear, but how do you get everyone on board? And how do you ensure that, without exception, everyone in the organization knows what your leading goals are and why?

If you want to get everyone on the same page, you need shared ambitions and mutual trust. You will also have to take the time to learn. From each other and with each other. But how do you do that? At Braintality we use the following four steps.

Step 1: Make it clear where you are going and why

By defining as a group what your playing field is, you create clarity and consensus. Answer the questions: Why does our organisation exist? Where are we coming from? What do we want to leave behind? And what will be leading in the future?

Step 2: Make everyone owner of the process

By involving everyone in the process as early as possible, you gain support. By letting everyone make choices, you create involvement. That takes time and energy, but pays off in the long run.

Step 3: Monitor and control progress

It is not without reason that 'Management by Objectives' has been successful for decades. The ultimate tool is the OGSM (all goals, strategies and action points on one A4-sheet). With an OGSM you can direct the realization of your strategy and monitor progress.

Step 4: Set up a learnng organisation

A culture of making mistakes, the skill of genuine curiosity and the creation of psychological safety are part of a learning organizations. With the aim of accelerating innovations and increasing agility and resilience. At Braintality we call this LEARNOVATION.

Ready to get everyone on board?

Would like to learn more on how you can apply these four steps within your organisation? We are more than happy to help. Call us for a cup of coffee and we'll take you through it step by step: +31 (0)6 820 82 898.

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